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FREE Downy Light Scent Booster

free downy light scent booster 180x180 - FREE Downy Light Scent BoosterFinally, long-lasting scent that is not overpowering. Downy Light Laundry Scent Booster Beads are small, lightly scented laundry beads that give you all-day Downy freshness. They’re made with no heavy perfumes, dyes, or phosphates… Plus, the Ocean Mist scent has the lightweight scent of fresh air and a crisp ocean breeze for a true escape-worthy freshness for everyone. Freeosk is offering FREE Downy Light Scent Booster at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations from 10/08/2022 through 16/08/2022. If you want to get this freebie, click on the “Get FREE” button, find a location near you and head out to the store. Download the Freeosk app for Android or iPhone so you can redeem the samples at the Freeosk location.


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