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Food and Drink Samples

Free Chai Masala Sample

free chai masala sample - Free Chai Masala Sample

Claim your Free Chai Masala Sample. The packet will contain enough masala to create 5 cups of authentic Indian Chai. You can also cook, bake or mix the masala with your favorite tea. All you need to do is click on the “Get FREE” button and enter you name and email address on the form. …

Free Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce

free smoked jalapeno hot sauce - Free Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Want to try something new? For a limited time only or while supplies last, you can score a FREE Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce Sample! This hot sauce is a smokey-sweet, medium heat sauce featuring chipotle peppers, fresh onion, and garlic. Perfect for eggs, burritos, and bbq delights! Limit 1 per household. Get FREE

Free Wheat Ear Shrimp Crackers

free wheat ear shrimp crackers - Free Wheat Ear Shrimp Crackers

Get your Free Wheat Ear® Shrimp Crackers! The most authentic Korean taste! Wheat Ear® Shrimp Crackers are a flavorful traditional Korean snack with a distinctive seafood flavor. Non-fried and free of trans fats and MSG, these crackers provide a genuine taste of Korean cuisine. Get FREE